All About Slime

Do you want to become a slime Expert?
How to make it, where to store it and how to do fun things with it? Keep reading to find out!

How to make it:
You'll Need:

Start by taking a medium sized bowl and adding your glue.
(I usually use at least one bottle. You can use as much as you'd like.)
Next, add lots of shaving FOAM, not cream. About two times as much glue you used.
After that, you can add food coloring (optional) and stir.
Then add some contacts solution. Not too much at once, though. After you add some, stir. Repeat this prosess until you can touch it and it wont stick to your hands.
Start to knead. Knead until you think it is good. If too sticky, add shaving foam or contacts solution.
If not stretcy enough, add some lotion.